We believe in the diversity of answers

Every client and every project is different. Instead of cultivating a certain style or following a formal agenda for our work as a group we are encouraging and supporting our colleagues to develop and improve their own answers. Being a group of different individual artists makes it more likely for us as a collective to find suitable solutions for very divers challenges and clients.


We are working for fifteen years with the most inspired and renown architects, fine artist, project developers and industrial manufacturers of our time. We are supporting them from the first sketch until the final visual communication material. We are translating the collective knowledge of our clients and our group into artwork in different mediums. From still images to animations to virtual reality experiences always trying to deliver the individual expressions of our Artist matching the needs and desires of our clients.

Artist development program

As a successful and growing studio in a future market, we are constantly seeking extraordinary new talent to support our team. We are interested in all promising applicants, whether you are artistically established in architecture, advertising or photography and are looking to change direction, or already possess superior expertise in architectural visualisations. ​

For those new to the field of visualisations, we offer a learning program that will introduce you to our tools and workflow as well as to the principles of our visual aesthetics. For artists with previous experience, we provide the freedom and best possible support to develop and cultivate you own visual language and style. Personal development is actively encouraged, structurally and artistically. ​

Structurally: We strive to reinvent ourselves constantly and want to achieve this by growing with you. This means we offer our artists new possibilities for specialisation, personal growth and promotions within a dynamic team.

Artistically: We are confident that a broad variety of diverse styles and personalities is one of the key factors to our success. Therefore, we are committed to cultivate both. ​

In addition to traditional architectural visualisations, we collaborate with diversified artists and agencies on exciting projects that allow us to use all kinds of modern and future media to best communicate the message and purpose. Together with our sister company bloomrealities, we design and create virtual locations and architecture for advertisements, movies and video games. Exchange and communication between both companies is explicitly encouraged and creates important synergies for both.

Every artist at bloomimages will be granted full responsibility for their projects, from choosing their preferred tasks to managing customer interactions and all details regarding the planning, execution and final composition of their work. ​

As a group, we do not obey a uniform or dogmatic visual style. Instead, our goal is to support every artist and use our wealth of experience to enable them to achieve their own artistic expression and language. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere in which individual growth is respected and encouraged. Over the past ten years we have developed an open and team-orientated environment and continue to learn from one another, both within the office and between our offices in Hamburg and Berlin. We encourage everybody to make use of and get inspired by our always growing collection of references, ideas, tools and object-libraries. ​

Together with each member of the team, we draft a precise idea of how they can and want to evolve, and work out individual development plans that assure reaching these goals. This process knows no definitive end but rather offers a wide range of opportunities for personal development for many years to come. Each artist will also have the chance to work on free, self-assigned projects to further improve their competences and from which the whole team can learn.

Furthermore, we set up frequent workshops with guest critics from related disciplines, plan collective study trips and organise exhibitions of our work for a broader audience. ​

If you are interested in working with us, please send us a short cover letter with your CV and portfolio as pdf. Thank you.

Open Positions

We are always looking for great people, if you like to become a part of our team, please send us a message: talents@bloomimages.de


Office impressions

Hamburg moods

surrounded by water on three sides, you can hear the sound of the waves and constantly experience new views of the changing port landscape.

Berlin moods

situated right next to Flaschenhalspark and Gleisdreieck in the north of Schöneberg we are working from this robertneun-designed studio unit featuring lots of bricks and red concrete in Berlin and we are loving it.