Below is a grouping of projects that we feel are exemplary examples of our work, and that may serve as inspiration for your next visualization. We’ve organized the work around visual themes in order to describe the starting point for an image, and it has also given us the opportunity to highlight our team’s process and way of thinking. With all of these images, we constantly look back at them with a sense of joy and inspiration.

overcast / soft light

The lighting conditions have a great influence on the effect of buildings. When the sky is overcast, more subtle compositions are often created. The reduced glass reflections allow a better view into the building from the outside. With interior images, it is easier to represent interior and exterior space in a realistic way


The sun helps us to highlight certain things in a composition and to create a focus.
The strong contrasts help to emphasize the three-dimensional effect of buildings and materials.


The deep sun during the last few minutes of daylight doesn’t have to be cheesy. In interior perspectives, the sun comes unusually deep into the rooms and bathes everything in a soft, warm light. When viewed from outside, a building can show different facets at the same time. If the lower half is already in the shade, the lights can come on like in a night picture while the upper half is still bathed in warm sunlight and thus expresses it´s full plasticity.

blue hour

In this particular time of day, shortly after sunset and just before the dark night begins, the colors blue and yellow dominate. A wonderful color contrast is created between the warmly lit areas and the cool, unlit areas. The plasticity of three-dimensional objects is not created here, as in sunlight, through the brightness contrast, but rather through the color contrast.


The back light enables us to combine the advantages of an overcast mood with the friendliness of sunlight. If the camera is pointed in the direction from which the sun is shining, the silhouette of the building shown is emphasized. The building itself appears to be flat and allows interesting insights. Due to the strong influence of the sun, the picture looks very friendly overall.

New York moods

Collaboration with Olafur Eliasson

Collaboration with Giovanni Castell

Collaboration with realities:united